Red Bull Decades: Matt Biolas Hydro Flex Rocket

30th Nov 2013

What would you get if you took a group of today's best surfers and gave them a chance to ride a collection of surfing's most iconic boards from the past as well as the most intriguing shapes of the future? Red Bull Decades takes us on a journey through the past, present and future of surfboards.

So far we have seen Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Ian Walsh and Jamie O’Brien riding a Greg Noll Elephant Gun, a Gerry Lopez Pipeline Gun, a Glenn Pang x Martin Potter Town and Country Twin Fin, and the Channel Islands x Kelly Slater 6’1″, shaped by Al Merrick.

We now land a little more into the future, at the hands of Mr Matt Biolos, who gifts the crew a caddy of Hydro-Flex Rockets. So, what’s Hydro-Flex mean? “Instead of using wood stringers, we opted to go with a composite fibreglass carbon stringer,” says Matt. “It allows the board to flex a lot further without giving out and breaking. Then they were vacuum glassed with a 3D glassing technology, and that really fuses the Epoxy resin into the blank and sucks out all the unneeded resin to keep the board really light and really strong.”


Matt Biolas shaped each surfer a custom board using the latest in high-tech materials and modern manufacturing procedures to incredible effect, “This board just feels amazing,” said Ian Walsh. “It makes me feel very fortunate to have boards like this to surf these days after riding such challenging boards from the past. I have a crazy amount of respect for all the surfers who helped make our sport what it is today.”

Julian Wilson flying high on the Mayhem Rocket : Photo - Red Bull


Source : Red Bull

Author : Larry Earvin

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