Hughes Surfboards ZORKN model released

24th Jan 2014

Proving to be one of the most talked about and anticipated models to be released in the Hughes Surfboards range is finally available to the public... We give to you, the ZORKN!

Never before have we had a model so asked about, without any relevant marketing or social media push. This model has achieved its own following just from the success it has had in competition and by the surfing displayed around New Zealand and in international waters.


Since it's very first showcase on the international stage last year at the Burleigh Breaka pro underneath the feet of Billy Stairmand, people have taken note. From then, Billy has used the model as his go to board, surfing the board to success at the 2013 Newquay Boardmasters by winning the Open Mens and Airshow Divisions, a runner up placing at the Pantin Pro WQS in Spain, 9th at the Lacanau Pro WQS in France, another win in the St Ives Greenaway Pro, England and most recently the 2014 NZ Open Men’s National Title in Gisborne last week, the results do speak for themselves.

Taking inspiration from the modern skateboard style of surfing, but keeping the roots of power rail surfing, we have designed a board that caters for all. The ZORKN allows for the maneuverability of a small wave fish, providing speed and flow in soft flat sections, while still offering the rail to rail drive and power of a refined shortboard. Its plain shape is that of the modern day hybrid, wider through the nose and tail, and surfed shorter in length than your every day shortboard. The aspect of the ZORKN where the fun starts is in its concaves and tail rocker. The single to double concave is pretty standard, but towards the tail the central stringer concave remains flat end even, while the rail rocker is curved and lifted. This allows for a flat central surface to plain on in flatter waves, but a heavily curved rail for ease of maneuverability when required. 


"Hughes Surfboards ZORKN
A skate inspired shortboard with unique tail and rail design’s, supported by several different carbon applications. Speed is instant due to its extremely efficient bottom curve, while the concaves enhance the rail’s arcing capabilities through turns. Toward the back however the introduction of more interacting carbon creates a firm driving tail which provides constant elastic energy much like a Dolphin’s fluke. These unique characteristics coupled with degrees of asymmetry and tweaked fin set ups will add another dimension to the contemporary surfboard design.
Available in P.U or Futurelite / EPS construction."

ZORKN model specs and dimensions:

5'7" - 18 1/2" - 2 3/16" - 23.83 ltr
5'8" - 18 11/16" - 2 3/16 - 24.42 ltr
5'9" - 18 3/4" - 2 3/16" - 24.93 ltr
5'10" - 18 7/8" - 2 1/4" - 25.5 ltr
5'11" - 19"- 2 5/16" - 27.06 ltr
6'0" - 19 1/16" - 2 11/32" - 28.29 ltr
6'2" - 19 1/8" - 2 3/8" - 29.54 ltr
6'4" - 19 1/4" - 2 7/16" - 31.37 ltr

ZORKN PU thruster $850.00, EPOXY Futurelight thruster $1050.00 available only at Raglan Surf Co.


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