FCS II receives prestigious Red Dot Design Award

2nd Jan 2014

FCS is proud to announce the new FCS II system has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Regarded as one of the most difficult to achieve in the felid of design, the Red Dot award provides a label of the utmost quality and international repute.

Products submitted for the award are evaluated according to the highest standards and are assessed by an international jury. The adjudication process follows strict criteria, which is constantly adapted to the latest findings in formal, technical, manufacturing, societal, industrial and ecological requirements. 

Many facets of the FCS II system appealed to the jury; the functional simplicity of the internal mechanism that locks the fin into the plug, the materials used in its construction, the backward compatibility allowing surfers to use their original FCS fins with the new system, and most importantly the increased performance it offers the user.

“The design of the FCS II provides optimal handling. Smartly employed polymers increase the strength of the system and allow quick adjustments to the configuration” – 2013 Red Dot Design Juror

Awarding a product with the Red Dot provides a distinction, and in essence a seal of quality which is an advantage reserved exclusively for competition winners. FCS II now sits proudly among other well-known and respected products such as the Nespresso Coffee Maker, Apple iPhone 5 and the Swiss Army Knife.

Source : FCS


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